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American Dusk (short movie script) - EN

NEAR FUTURE / INT. / MILITARY BASE / EVENING BLACK MADONNA BY LADY LESHURR IS PLAYING: PVT. ANIYAH ANDERSON is in a dorm with two other female soldiers. She sits on her bed, cleans her rifle. The other soldiers lie in their bunks next to Aniyah, looking on their cells. Music fades out slowly. THOMPSON Man, why don't we just nuke them motherfuckers. RAMIREZ Coz' they'd nuke us too. THOMPSON Yeah, but what if we nuke first? RAMIREZ Thompson, you shithead, ever heard of mutual assured destruction? THOMPSON You just made that up. Always coming up with them fancy words, when you know shit. ANIYAH We can't nuke them 'cause they hacked the shit outta us when the war startet, you dumb fuckers. THOMPSON How do you know? You had hacking in college, Anderson? The two other soldiers laugh. RAMIREZ So, why don't they nuke us then, when we can't nuke them back? ANIYAH They won't because it fucks up

Apokalypse Murmeltier (Kurzgeschichte) - DE